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Saturday January 18th 2020Tim Candler9


     In The Rabbit of Usk it could well be a stretch to have Vilbert Oberst playing with the Knightsbridge Quartet under the stars and moon on the Chesil Beach. It was before the second world war when Vilbert Oberst was living in London, England. Not even certain the Knightsbridge Quartet does things like serenade the Full Moon. But somehow or other, Freckles had to get dropped from a parachute in wartime from a lumbering Luftwaffe transport airplane. There are other ways this might have been achieved but the key word here is Fiction, and at least Vilbert was able to recognize Chesil Beach from the air. On a personal note, the Chesil Beach is interesting geologically unless you're a schoolboy enduring a field day in Arctic conditions.


     Herr Oberst himself later on in the war got shot done in the Balkans by a Croatian Patriot. He'd married the woman who'd shot him down and after the war Oberst had settled down to contented married life in rural Croatia with a highly decorated hero of the People's Republic. Our hero was accompanying Marta's boy child who went by the name of Dragan, which translates as Precious, when he heard the account of how Freckles arrived in the British Isles from Herr Oberst. Precious smuggled counterfeit Winston Cigarettes which were packaged in Albania. But for the purposes of being introduced to his mother and step-father our hero had to understand that Precious was a teetotaler who didn't smoke and was usefully employed as a carpenter. 




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