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July 16th 2009

"Time as quality day"

    Without two ideas there would be no today.  The first of these two ideas is yesterday.  The second of these two ideas is tomorrow.  And yet because of these two ideas, today maybe impossible.

    If you are a practical person you will dismiss these four sentences as belonging to an aimless meander unworthy of an intelligent reception.  If you are a collector of ideas you might understand these four sentences as belonging to a dialogue with consciousness.  If you belong to the latter category, you might be of a mind to make the distinction between idea, perception and the real.  You might come away saying, yesterday, today and tomorrow are real, the fault lies in my defining of today.

    If I were geometry, I would exist on a slope between yesterday and tomorrow.  I would roll toward tomorrow in an inevitable way.  Better, the argument suggests, to consider myself a point in time that moves.  And here the suggestion is that only a very few life forms have this magnificence of awareness.  Most creatures, it is argued, do not see themselves as belonging to dimension, but exist entirely within dimension.  I can claim to stand outside the cage and watch.  Most creatures apparently cannot do this.



    Sometimes people will exaggerate by suggesting this moment of revelation was given me by extra terrestrial brilliance or by God.  Others will attribute it to a genetic anomaly that turned out to be useful.  Still others will reference a photosynthetic enormousness that channels the river of life toward some comprehensible ending.  I will attribute these circumstances of life to what an insurance professional refers to as pre-existing conditions.

    Here, I would have to persuade you that stones actually do talk to each other.  It is not a language of words, rather it is "time as quality".  A relationship between parts, that you and I experience as thought, and out of which we have made words with which to codify ideas, such as tomorrow or yesterday, or today.  In other words, because of "time as quality" we experience only today, yesterday and tomorrow is description or idea.

    To claim a universal consciousness often wrongly suggests purpose.  When couched within the phrase "Time as quality" it offers even less salvation, but in my view it rests closer to the real of descriptions that pervade an understanding of living things.

    "Time as quality" exists entirely within dimension, and were I to poke a blue green algae in the green part and ask whether he was aware, I believe he would agree with me that neither of us actually are, unless we both are.   

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