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July 24th 2009

    There is a little white furry caterpillar feeding amongst the green chard plants.  He does not seem to like the red chard plants.  And even though he appears to feed both day and night, I think he belongs to a moth.

    It makes not the slightest bit of sense.  It is a myth I imagine.  But I always have been content with the idea that the furry caterpillars were moth children and I always understood them to feed at night.

    The Tomato Horn Worm belongs to a Humming Bird moth.  The Horn Worm is not furry and the Humming Bird moth can be seen in full sun.  Either the Humming Bird Moth is a butterfly or my cherished theory is incorrect.


    Sometimes though the truth of these things is quite unimportant, because when amongst the vegetables I am the most dangerous and ignorant being they know.  

    As well I am quite without subtlety.  Right next to the garden is what I grandly call the outdoor stove.  It channels carbon into the atmosphere sometimes, and plants I am told, find carbon rich air motivating.  But the stove is in full view of the garden, and regularly the garden can see me plunging green things into boiling water.

    Damage done by a little white furry caterpillar pails when compared to my own antics.

tim candler

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