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July 29th 2009

    A "still mind" is advertised as the place to go for harmony with now.  Such nonsense requires attention for the following reasons.  Paradise does not exist.  Life is a moving point.  Now is not "still".  So better to stick a needle in the arm, or drink the case of Chardonnay, then wake refreshed in 'now'.

    Dramatic response perhaps, but long before Freud, it was a salesman's promise that resolved future.  Science has not changed that.  We are what we were.

   And as a salesman I will promote an understanding of 'a slope in a random place'.  If I were Heidegger I would call this authentic.  I am not Heidegger and do not see it as belonging to the preordained.  Authentic is meaningless outside the social, because it dismisses an idea of true, so we join because of deceits, not realness.



    "Damn your principles, Sir!  Stick to your party."  A refrain from the British Parliament in the 19th century comes so close to those who claim I am wrong.

    As well, I have found with respect to idea, the most protective are the least secure.  So I will shunt my way into the sidings, leave the fray, follow the slope to the point where atoms meet, there time stops and mind does indeed become still.

tim candler

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