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April 17th 2009

    It is warm enough for dragonfly.  Male Snowbirds look like male Pied Flycatchers when they fly.  Their tails black and white. 

    I watched a bluebird battle starlings, and then, in the bed where tomatoes will soon grow, two snow birds attempted to do what lovers do.  And this in South Central Kentucky when they should be in the northern reaches of Canada or far to the east of us before attempting such antics.


    Ominous.  But if they became residents I could no longer consider them a harbinger of winter and the curse on them this entails.    

    In winter I see them on the driveway, hunting down every last seed.  Frigid cold and while there is a moment of empathy, generally all I have is a shrug for them.  Which is unjust.   

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 (Junco)  (Black Phoebe)   (pied flycatcher)