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April 21st 2009

    Of the five different tomato seed varieties put out to germinate, the first to arise were from seeds collected by the one who lives too far away.  These tomato seeds have the names "Mystery Tomato" and "Not Cherry".  

    Last year Not Cherry was a beautifully shaped tomato with a good flavor and a skin that peeled with just a blush of scalding water.  This year Not Cherry seeds have leapt from peat-pods and are anxious.  The "mystery tomato" is clearly competitive, because it too is ready for fresh air and full sun.  

   The other tomato seeds all needed coaxing by the stove, except for one Brandy Wine seed, from a Ferry Morse factory, which appears very determined to make a home in my imagination.  


    I am quite certain there are germinating characteristics peculiar to this or that variety of tomato, and within a variety.  I am sure there are men in white coats hurrying to the patent office, in that ruthless way some chase their dreams.  But here where I live, vegetables become anthropomorphic quickly.  Their fruit or their leaves are gifts of character, rather than a calculation.

    With meat, the relationship has a different quality, best summarized by the occasional blush I experience at the sight of a new calf galloping in a green field.

    And here, I am too old and I have traveled too far, for someone to tell me I am sentimental or weak. 


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