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April 22nd 2009

   The wife's tick bite from Sunday required a visit to the surgery.  Bravely she transported herself, leaving me to wonder when I might see her again, and asking why I had not accompanied her.  The bite was like a new bruise on the side of her head. It was oozing, and there was a swelling down near to her ear.

   Where the tick came from we are not certain.  It could have been while she was hunting mushrooms, or it could have been while she was clearing ground along the fence.   It could have come from thousand different places.


    She was happy to get home.  They gave her a prescription for an antibiotic and instructions to keep "it clean".  She took the prescription to the grocery store for them to fill it there and while she was waiting she pushed a trolley around.

    We have a drawer full of chocolate, a delicious and expensive cheese, a new mop head and there was a birthday card to send to the daughter's young man.  The wife is settled and I am calmer.

   Given the circumstances of powerful and vivid imagination, I will avoid journeying into the world of ticks and I will think instead of a most endearing creature that has blue feet. 


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