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April 24th 2009

    The artificial intelligence will begin to emerge through the mechanics of a question.  When this happens it will be shown that it's not enough to think in terms of algorithms and data storage.  Such devices put intelligence into the category of math, where answers are beautiful because one can have confidence in them.  Intelligence is almost the opposite of this, because within the mechanics of a question there is no point at which the question stops.

    The complexity here is to accept that while a blue green algae may not be good at math, it is nonetheless intelligent.  Of course this gives 'intelligence' a definition some might quarrel with, but I will suggest that when life is finally unraveled it will look something like a question.     



    There is a possibility that I am wrong in my understanding.  But if by some odd chance I am correct, Artificial Intelligence will be a traumatic achievement for our species, because we will have created a life form.

    It won't be an obedient or perfect thing like mathematics, but it will be a wonderful thing, because it will mean that we people can no longer use God as an excuse.  And this, if we survive it, will make us honest.  

    For so many, there always has to be something like God.  Otherwise we do terrible things to each other, lose our compass, go off the rails, behave badly.  And have nowhere to go when we die.       

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