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April 26th 2009

    The Aedicule is a space within a space.  Better to conceptualize it as a sphere within a sphere.  The cube within a cube has corners, which might well properly represent a life form with things to accomplish, but for the area of thinking the Aedicule aspires to, corners are to be avoided. 

    The thing that is me.  The thing that is you.  The I part of us.  The slope in a random place.  However it is framed within a sentence, it remains a place beyond language.  And fundamentally this is the case because it can only be experienced.  Once the process of sharing begins, this place becomes confused.   And when it becomes confused it becomes nonsense, unless it is useful.

    Often a shared interpretation of the Aedicule becomes useful.  The idea of a soul, for example.    


    We take the great majority of our definitions from others.  I have never been to China, but I am certain it exists.  I have never seen a soul but I have a definition of it given to me from others.  What is that thing?  What is that sense I have?  That thing, the answer comes, is your soul.  And when you die it will go somewhere else. 

    As I say a great deal of nonsense is shared, and when it becomes useful it joins to something understood within the exchange of language.  Ultimately, though, the Aedicule is no more than the experience of matter.  

    And here I risk adding to the sum of nonsense by suggesting, it is not that stones can't talk to each other, rather it is because stones have said all they need to say to each other.   In another way, for them the "mystery" is solved.

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