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April 2nd 2009

    Sometimes try to ask what the protocols are when the teeth are being cleaned by a stranger.  Is it rude to close the eyes.  Or is it rude to keep the eyes open.

    I lived a long time without a left front tooth.  Exacerbated by a pronounced scar on my left brow.  The look was hardly conducive to that perfect symmetry so many minds incline toward.

    But it did mean I was always served quickly by a busy barman, often won quarrels so long as they did not get physical, and never survived an interview if I was wearing a suit.


    I now have a fraud in my mouth, my eyebrow appears to have recovered, but I am frequently asked what happened to the fingers on my left hand.

    Were I suspicious by nature, or paranoid, I might wonder why my left side has this peevish trait.

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