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April 6th 2009

    How nice it would be if rude people were useful.  It comes sometimes as an attempt to be clever, but mostly I believe it is an inherited trait.  Those sad things with short imagination that must copulate or lose the chance to increase rudeness in the world.

    As a species they have, like you or I, evolved from the same primordial slime.  But for them a branch of the tree has been reserved.  It is a leafless and noisy place.

   In the evening as they roost, one can watch them loudly bicker over qualities that wisdom should ignore.  They stand greedy for the correct make of sunglass, or tennis shoe, or other shopping experience.  For some reason, they buy the most expensive cheeses.  And then as the morning comes their display is to scatter across the public space dispensing drops of irritation. 


    Strangely they cluster.  An attempt I suppose to first limit civility, isolate it and then eradicate it square mile by square mile.  But in our brave world, tolerance is a necessary attribute. Otherwise and it would be: "kill them all and let God decide."

    An Irish grandfather reckoned that pointing at a bald man  and shouting "beaver!" brought good luck.  A something that never seemed quite fair and was often embarrassing.  And here I have heard of a distant culture where the polite point at the rude and say something like "car car!" to bring luck. 

    Whatever "car car" might mean, it does seem a very adequate solution.

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