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August 10th 2009

    Those who have reflected upon language have sometimes concluded that language must contain a logic.  The search for this logic rebounds ultimately upon an idea of clarity.  And rather than some logical structure, the professorial minded arrive at the word meaning.  Here, one analogy runs, language is used to paint pictures.

    In my world, and I guess in yours, the picture changes through the course of the day.  This or that issue or moment arises, the mind absorbs it and there is a sense of rearranging of those things which when spoken are words.


    Logic always suggests a prearrangement.  That hoped for predictability, which can then be harnessed in the way that mechanical devices can.  Meaning however, is a more fluid concept.  A washing of waves upon the shores of understanding, rather than a sea turtle plodding ashore to lay eggs.

    Conversation to my ear is an appraisal of meaning.  The 'I that is me' presupposed toward an endless progress in that picture of self as others see him.  For some this fondling of "I" produces great satisfaction.  For those of us who veer toward a social autism a good hug usually does the trick.

tim candler

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