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August 11th 2009

    With respect to moles I believe the more practical third of our triumvirate may be correct.  

    The cat has no opinion.  It is just too hot and a recent surfeit of catnip has made the occasional grasshopper sufficient occupation for him.  His season will begin to move again when dew points fall, because amongst the temperamental there is nothing worse than wet grass on grey fur.

    And I must agree that retreat from the concept of mole barrier has improved that part of me that suffers intemperance.  A noun that more politely describes a bad tempered old fart.


    It is I suppose the ordeal of 'dwelling amongst' that sometimes offers tangents into extremes.  My solution to others has sometimes been a deep desire to acquire a cave in some remote part where I might live out the duration in glorious solitude.  But this would be a disfigurement of person, and I would probably resort to tattooing in order to remind myself of existence. 

    With respect to moles I will 'dwell amongst' and may good fortune smile sometimes upon the huntress. 

tim candler

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