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August 14th 2009

    While this past July was happening, I made the odd pompous addition to the global warming debate.  At the noon time in July, I could still just about potter outside, if it wasn't raining.  In the afternoon I could consider work again sometime after four.  But now that July is gone and has been replaced by half of August, I wish to withdraw any idiotic insight I might have proffered with respect to those arguments which claim the world is actually cooling.

     There is currently a level of temperature and humidity I cannot manage.  These past few days I should have been hibernating.  And yet a description of this sickness puts me firmly in the category of feeble.  Invariably our doughty leader suspects it could be one of two things.  Either a terminal complaint or bone idleness.  She of course is out there, well hatted and gooey against the sun, and she is blissful with usefulness.



    Today I had an ear attack.  I like to believe it is combination of old head injuries and something like mold combining to make it almost impossible for me to stand up.

    I wish sometimes that I would change color, or produce some sort of weeping sore, or swell up to twice my size.  That way there at least would be some sign of ailment.  All I have is a dizziness that makes me feel as though my eyes are going to flutter out of my head.  Under these circumstances it is necessary to lie down, take my pills and produce peaceful thoughts.  A wonderful indolence that has its own positive side, so long as there is no guilt associated with it.

   I do remember in drinking days quite often falling flat on my face.  But ultimate cause of my bad ear cannot in any grand scheme be so prosaic.  So I recall instead the several occasions I have been kicked in the head by well-shod members of my own species.  This at least gives me something and someone to curse.

tim candler

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