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August 25th 2009

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    A mind that roams can often hit the real and come away profoundly depressed.  Nor is it a time to reduce horizons so as to retain that balance of mood out of which contentment is made.  Fortunately "Creative is".

    This has been called the "God of Little Things" by souls wiser than mine.  My own word for it is "bauble".  Sounds like a species of wasp, but better to think of it as something shiny in the mind.  Something that sparkles like a lead star and because of its sparkle it can give enthusiasm to an early morning. 

    The word "bauble" sounds derogatory.  But honest things often sound that way, and this because so much of pretend has to be rare or perfect or unique otherwise it is too ordinary to acquire that status of powerful.  



    As well a mind that roams admits to the futility of the powerful.  So a "bauble" is free relative to diamonds, while both are the same.  Which is why in my mind better to understand the phrase "creative is" as a sparkling thing in "now".

    So where might my heroes be for such a new world.  I can think of them as existing a thousand years from "now".  But this gives them the provenance of God or statuary.  So mostly I find them in useless and determined enterprise guided only by a "bauble".  

    Of course to name these heroes, would more likely offend them, so instead better to emulate and that way we become parts.  Then if we are lucky, one day we too will happily become pretend, and then, forgive us, will we be powerful.

   And yes!  This is the Hegelian Dialectic, but not an interpretation he would approve of, unless somewhere I add an adjective from which issues the sense of "improve" or "better" or "true".  A something I will not do because today I am swallowed by postmodern and I am too hot from the building of barriers to become a judge.

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tim candler

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