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August 3rd 2009

    I would like to believe that in the time of wandering Shawnee people this part of Kentucky was free of moles.  I would like to think of moccasin never having to contend with that give in the soft ground that betrays mole territory.  I would like to think the ancestors in this place were permitted to plant lavender plants without first conducting pogrom.

    Today, after struggle, there is a final alternative.  I can dig down with metal implements two feet into the understory of earth, and using yet one more product from the hardware store, lay down a barrier through which a mole may not pass.  The trench will be sixty feet long containing an area of two hundred square feet.  This will allow space for twenty four lavender to achieve a five year maturity without getting so jumbled up in each other that individuality is lost.   




    I imagine the Chinese laborer felt like this when Emperors raised the issue of a long wall.  Which is why I might have to read Kafka again to reaffirm my conviction that isolated, lonely and probably pointless pursuits are in and of themselves purposeful, because if they are not, nothing is.

    At 3 feet a day the trench will take 20 days.  At 1.5 feet a day it will take me 40 days.  And at 9 feet a day it will take me 6.6666 - on endlessly into perpetuity - days.   A number the ancestors might find humorous.

tim candler

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