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August 6th 2009

    A controlling personality is more often than not irksome.  It is saintliness, I suppose.  That centering of "I" around which a universe turns.  Then when suns collide the cataclysm sometimes produces change.

    There are those who argue that same will follow same, no difference will actually occur.  Under these circumstances we live within a reflection of forces that might sometimes appear contented and might sometimes appear discontented.  Within this reflection we see ourselves and at no point do we achieve that balance so often alluded to as harmony.


    Possibly the controlling personality is irksome because in the obedience of others it finds contentment.  And conversely, in the disobedience of others it finds discontentment.

     However in those bits of mind that create the expectation of balance, change, whether pointless or otherwise, is an ever present possibility.  As such, change is promise, and hope, and possibly wistfulness.  But also it is motivating, which I suppose is why too often something other than death do us part.

tim candler

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