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August 7th 2009

    Getting to be the middle of August.  Gardeners look at the grasshoppers, the many butterflies, those odd children of the Colorado Beetle, and then take up three rows of bush beans, so ground can cure a little before fall planting.

    So much rain this year better to sprinkle a little lime if the soil smells even a little bit musty.  Some will then contemplate cabbage, or broccoli, or brussel sprouts.  The elegant consider lettuce, or perhaps spinach, or something with an exotic name like bok choy.  And all this when ninety degrees is forecast for the next week and it already feels like a hundred and ten.



    Almost as though we are engaged in the rearing of pests.  Offering them special treats to fatten the final days before frost decides. 

    But through the day there is the scent of fall.  In the mornings, the second brood of Barn Swallows wait on the electric line for their parents hunting low over heavy dew.  King Birds are managing their flock by chasing each other, rather than others.  Bluebirds have a new enthusiasm.  Male Cardinals are hiding, as they always seem to do toward the end of their nesting season.  And in the evenings there is a squadron of Chimney Swifts that float up from the river so that we can all feel totally inept.

   Think I might irritate the hardware store by asking for Celtuce seeds.

tim candler

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