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December 14th 2009

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    Those in our midst who grasp engine wiring are few.  Sadly they are recalcitrant, they resort to complexity in language, incomprehensible diagrammatic form, and are prone to sneering.  Therefore it becomes necessary to proceed as an explorer might.  To go boldly and un-mentored into dark places.

   I can put my mind into the wires and follow them as though they were streams.  I can paddle a canoe, portage over switches and come away with a map.  But synapses and sparks that comprise my own wiring flounder, and when I return downstream I get miserably lost, and frustrated, and prone to that sense of an end time closer than I would like it to be.  



    Up there in the brain the dust of routine has clearly gathered.  So better to conceive of engine wiring as a gymnasium in which mental agility is practiced.  Otherwise quite soon I will indeed be mumbling and fogged.  A condition I often thought of as belonging to the state of blissfulness.     

    However, having paddled along these wires in a canoe, I have now actually experienced the condition of mumbling and fogged and I have concluded acceptance is a truer precursor to blissfulness.  So when my own time does eventually run its course I will recall acceptance as my paddle, and will take with me a picture of a canoe in case I forget what a paddle is.

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tim candler

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