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December 17th 2009

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    I imagine in the community of Coyote there comes a time when tensions between individuals are such that release is necessary through terrifying noise.  

    Last night I finally had to stand on the back porch and yell at them.  They took absolutely no notice of me until I switched the lights on.  Then there was quiet except for that confusion which alarming noise produces in the more domesticated dogs.  Haphazard and distant barking continued for several hours.

    There is one dog, somewhere to the south of us, that has a wonderful if sometimes distracting voice.  In the choir he would be amongst the bass, but there is a note toward the end of his bark that rises into the alto.  I hear the movement of sound and expect him to pass through alto into treble.  But he flounders and then goes back for a second try, which leaves an impression of questioning and an impression of someone who is quite tone deaf.




   I see him as a sleepy stoic.  The sort that takes his time to make decisions.  And when he has made a decision he becomes stubborn.  He will arrive late to any alarm and after everyone has returned to routine he'll linger on as though practicing, or as though making his excuse for tardiness, or perhaps he is describing a political position.  But his is not a bark to be trusted because I do not believe he offers any insight into the presence of objectionable activities, suspicious sounds or any one of the many reasons that cause other dogs to bark.

    Last night I listened for his call, but did not hear him.  I hoped he was inside, sleeping by a stove.  I guessed he was aware that some distant thing required attention.  He probably raised an eyebrow before going back to sleep.  As well it occurred to me that out there in the dark he had fallen to Coyote. 

   The Grey Cat missed his breakfast this morning.  He had left the rear half of a rabbit by my chair, and he was upstairs sleeping.

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tim candler

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