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December 19th 2009

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    Preoccupation with a black seat for Maxfield Parrish's mowing machine will continue until resolved by accident or seasonal change unless I stitch a cover for it.   And rightly this preoccupation belongs to the state of mind that reacts to nothingness.  So the secret may be flexibility rather than acceptance or choice.

    Some will say there is little difference between flexibility and acceptance.  They prefer the idea of an aggressive adventurer forcing will upon circumstance in the understanding that fate ordains.   They say we must all be Napoleon.  They say that choices are between right choices and wrong choices, and in this tunnel there is a beacon that I will call an "end point".

    Here I have made a black seat for Maxfield Parrish's mowing machine my "end point".  It is that which I intend to achieve.  And it is far from reasonable.



    The flexible mind, the accepting mind, would trouble itself less with ordination by "end point".  It would assign itself to 'creative is' and remove itself completely from the tunnel, where it could travel paths that might include purple seats or orange seats or green seats.

    But reality is that the black seat I had my eye on for Maxfield Parrish's mowing machine does not fit.  And I find myself in that world of ennui idealists endure.  I think of cloth and needles and I am suddenly lumpen to the point of accepting yellow.  

    However there is a slope in this place.  There is enthusiasm for the idea of making the black seat fit Maxfield Parish's mowing machine.  But this is a slippery slope because Maxfield Parrish's mowing machine could end up seat-less while traveling at speed up an incline.

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tim candler

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