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December 21st 2009

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    While contentment itself is transitory, there can be few categories of emotion more enduring than those moments which anticipate contentment.  

    I would argue that 'creative is' falls within this more enduring category.  Everything else requires a commitment from others.  It requires approval.  It requires the look back into a past the walls of which may be hung with trophies, but which mostly define patterns for tomorrow so that the future itself is anticipated.

    Given movement as an analogy for time, imagination leads the mind toward an idea of perpetual motion as the permanent condition.  But movement also holds within it that dictatorial idea of "movement toward".  It offers a sense of line, from one point to the final point.  And perception of this line allows for that view of genesis as caused through the conundrum of an "uncaused first cause."  With its vile cousin "thou canst not prove a negative".



    But today there will be a stillness.  The planet will reach that familiar point on its axis.  There it will pause, stare briefly at the moon and maybe it will incline in the traditional manner so that here in Kentucky we might see summer again.  Nor will the earth make this choice of her own volition.  She will be following a pattern set for her by collision with less amiable mass which many, many, many years ago gave her seasons and a moon.

    However should circumstances quite suddenly change and should our planet fail in its duty to follow traditional pattern, I will soon be living in a tundra not even Reindeer could grasp.

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tim candler

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