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December 23rd 2009

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    There is Elfin-kind maneuvering within the domicile and ancillary buildings.  It is secretive, involves rustling and includes the phrase "don't look!"

    The Grey Cat has developed a fascination for lights which flash and a deep suspicion of those traditional and dusty objects which at this time of year emerge from cardboard boxes accompanied by the phrase "remember this!" 



    But at the moment memory for me is far from settled.  There are things misplaced, because they were safely hidden, and amongst those hidden things was cello tape.   So tomorrow I must do battle with coughing children, raging mothers and that fatness which occupies "Ho-ho-ho."

    My own habit is to retreat into a stupor of gluttony and greed, revel in appalling television, avoid the telephone and try not to dominate the kitchen with memories of baked beans, tofurky, and beer for breakfast.

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tim candler

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