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December 26th 2009

    The great adventure of a new technical device produces in me a disunity.   It is the accustomed patterns they interfere with.   Those routines that make for comfort.   But no person can say a new technical device lacks adventure, or excitement, or levels of tension that are unkind to arteries which supply the heart.

    What is smpt, or smtp?   Make the animal mistake and for days the world has ended, because from a technical device there is no inferring an error of transposition.

    Sometimes there are questions as a device introduces doubt into the process that assimilates man into machine.   And these questions flatter the mind because contained with in them is the assumption that I know what I am doing.   That I will go boldly where a sensible man would fear to tread.

    "Are you sure you want to cancel this application?"   And always such exclamations are accompanied by a sound that suggests a professional disgust, the raised eyebrow, that collection of expressions that combine resignation with a sort of contempt.  




      As well,  grunting "yes" or "no" at me, incurs a defense of polynomial values found in "maybe" or "maybe not."      But no use arguing with a technical device.  No use condemning "yes or no" as the nail in a coffin of humanity.   No use pursuing mathematics for the algorithm that might explain us to each other.   No use me reaching for disgust as the ultimate human defense.

     Better to adopt the attitude of obedient servant.   Proceed as mentored.   Drive on the correct side of the road.   Come to a complete halt at the stop sign.   Find reasons to remain enthusiastically attached to an orderliness prepared by others. 

     "Are you sure you want to upload this content?"   The answer I suspect will always be "Who knows?" 

tim candler

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