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December 27th 2009

     I have spent too long in that place the friend who lives too far away calls "Geekdom".   Late into the night I have conversed with technical devices, and they have remained stoic.   My questions belong to Kindergarten.  Nor have technical devices demonstrated a condescending attitude that I might appreciate.  Polite, but quite unnecessary for them to consider me their equal.

     This morning someone again saw the young  Barred Owl.  I was awake through the smell of coffee, and I slumbered on, immersed in gloomy images of  logical structure that written language offers our species, until there was sun in my face. 

    Downstairs, "She Who Can See The Barred Owl" also favored me with a brightness.   There was an expression in the kitchen that accused me of "Nerdling".  And I accepted the reality of a fate that has placed in me an opposition to logical thinking.



    I will, therefore, give the grasshopper empathy.  I will understand the ant as a creature of discussion.  I will contend that grey cats enjoy medieval poetry from the Arabian Peninsular.  I will grant the Summer Tanager his post structural throne.  And I will insist that moles conference in a parliament where outrageous behavior is the norm.  

    These things I will allow because the alternative is a plodding conviction that we are all machines, and "oh" to possess that button the friend who lives too far away calls an "oops" button.

tim candler

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