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December 3rd 2009

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    The expression "If you have class" slips easily into a state of aggravation.

    Some, assume "class" references adequate behavior within a preconceived set of parameters, and generally reflects an inadequate understanding of a social complexity beyond the "me".  Others assume "class" references one of the many nightmare scenarios in which mentors and the mentored gather in painful communion.  Still others defer to "class" as referencing socio-economic circumstance which neatly align income and occupation in a mathematical harmony.

    Perhaps if an "a" had been attached to "class" in the sentence: "If you have class, I would suggest you have someone pick it up if possible".  Or perhaps if somewhere an adjective reflecting "idle bastard" or "bloody fool" had been arranged decoratively around the pronoun "you", confusion might have been avoided.

    And what if I am beyond class, merging uncomfortably with brain surgery, or pink eye, or gonorrhea?




    But wrong here to think of myself as belonging to hermitage.  Because either way, the expression, "If you have class" is so fat with assumptions, that it will require a several hundred mile journey to answer the question "What is the meaning of have?"   And this is a pilgrimage I am looking forward to making on Sunday because it will be good for that glorious perennial "the meaning of being".  

    As well there is a chance that here at home, this coming Sunday, there may be visitors in the class of unwanted, and a hermitage is no place to be when that happens.

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tim candler

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