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December 4th 2009

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    With respect to engine timing, Maxfield Parrish's mowing machine has gone rogue.    

    In past days engines relied upon a mechanical device most referred to as 'points' to distribute electricity to ignite spark plugs.  In the smaller engines with more than one cylinder, 'points' could cause mental breakdown.   The newer engines have an electronic device that distributes fire to spark plugs and this device cannot be dismantled.  The thing just sits there staring back in a manner that I find far too smug.  

    Most people will say that this solid state electronic device rarely fails, so more likely something else is causing engine malfunction.  




    Mental breakdown through 'points' I have had experience of, but those bladders that pump inside carburetors belong to heart surgery.  Nervously I stare at it, because I know from bitter experience that carburetors contain tiny things that require excellent vision and good light. And I am tempted to imagine the entire carburetor as a single solid state part, which needs to be replaced.

    But this would be wimpy-ness of the highest order.  Because inside the carburetor there will be one failed part that cost no more than a dollar fifty.  

    This is an old song, so there will be scalpel, magnifying glass and note taking.  And, just in case, there will be hammers and bold faced lies.

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tim candler

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(MP's carburetor)