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December 5th 2009

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    If our species could be found only in that part of land which comprises the State of Kentucky, and had we been here for many, many generations, I suspect we would have accomplished those physical adaptations that allow for hibernation.  I would at the moment be in some underground boudoir sleeping through wintertime.  I would have no winter wardrobe, no heating bills, no jolly holiday season.  None of those addendums of cold that sometimes can appear as farce.

    Unfortunately our species is ubiquitous.  We dominate both hemispheres up to and including equatorial regions.  Which would mean that just at that moment when my clan mastered hibernation, Southerners would impinge upon our territory and in Spring when we woke up we would be surrounded by alert foreigners poking fun at us.



    So I suspect it is the fault of a species specific xenophobia in us that has all along prevented people from developing those physical attributes necessary for hibernation.  Ancestors always nudged their drowsy children at the first signs of winter sleepiness.   Youth was encouraged to stay up until well after midnight even on school nights.  And insomnia was highly regarded in matters of choosing mates.  

    "He's a keeper. He hasn't slept for days!"   And everyone would get over-excited at the prospect of nuptials.

    One day we may well cruise the Milky Way looking for food stamps, but I suspect if that is indeed our object, an ability to hibernate would get us there sooner. 

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tim candler

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(Ray Kurzweil