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December 9th 2009

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    Possibly the Parrish engine has realigned his objectives.  If so, all that remains is to find a suitable place in the barn where he might keep until the curve of demand for a heavy weight inclines.   The Parrish engine will not be lonely.  He will sit with others of his kind in grimness.

    Within our own species this spectacle of one who sits and does nothing is sometimes described as a "Heavy Muffin".  A character flawed by continuous inactivity and reluctance to participate.  And here I suppose my own nature falls awkwardly between "Heavy" and "Muffin" because I am one who tries to remain active but often declines to participate.

    Probably the Parrish engine is my opposite.  This engine has every symptom of one who wishes to participate.  He sits there expressing enthusiasm, while I rummage around in ways that are increasingly intimate.  Then when demands are made of him he does not reciprocate.



    My friend Okanya could make mechanical things work that others had given up on.  It was his genius to see through the obvious and find the real.  Often his technique included trail and error.  Sometimes inspired he would close his eyes and resort to ethereal realms.  Always his mood was generous with adventure and good humor.  And never was there a rage during which things got thrown around in a reckless manner.

    And most likely my own failure to gain a correct attention from the Parrish Engine reflects my own attitudes to participation.  It is no good just sulking with each other.  Scuffed knuckles, pulled muscles may interrupt sleep with uncharitable visions, but however comforting it might be, it remains quite pointless to keep a hold of a grudge. 

    Perhaps the place to begin anew is with a set of wrenches that is complete, rather than struggle on with a coalition of oddballs that comprise what I grandly refer to as a tool kit.  A predicament I am sure the French have a phrase for.

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tim candler

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