An English In Kentucky



















February 19th 2009

    The wholesale show is our tyrant.  Today he sits out there waiting for us. 

    I have thought about purpose, which then leads me to meaning, and so long as the aedicule stands in my mind for both meaning and purpose I will not feel reasonable until next week is gone.  So we will adjust to the river, I hope, and return unscathed by it.

    Meanwhile there is what the wife calls 'spinning'.  This is not that apparently pointless device the stationary bicycle.  It is rather the transition from this space to another space.  We can observe it in each other.  Understand it in a physical sense.  And wait for it to pass.  

    I have heard it called "journey shy".  An expression which has an awkward politeness to it, suggesting a set of emotions one conceals with what the English have called: "a stiff upper lip."

    Here we tend toward a less cumbersome behavior.  The aedicule demands it.  And fortunately we can sometimes laugh.  


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