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February 27th 2009

    The wholesale show was slow.  An "ownership society" under assault.  And for those with an idea of tomorrow the future becomes something like property.

    But I remember the miners strike of the early 1970's.  They did battle with the demons of Kapital while I washed the dishes for a restaurant.  They wanted to own their work.  I just wanted to get paid for mine.  A decade later most of the mines had closed.

    The "Constant" is a mathematical concept.  A freezing of time.  And at the conference in Minnesota there will be a search for "Constants" in what they have called a "constantly changing world".  

    I doubt we could exchange vegetables for a seat at that table, so the hall will be filled with something like retired teachers listening to words from something like pensioners.  And the Radisson Plaza Hotel will be richer for it.

    Then, on the last day of the wholesale show, two hours before closing, a neighbor could not hide his smile as he made his first sale ever.

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