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February 28th 2009

    Several steps away from the infamous "Elfin Ladder" and "Bubba's Bait Bucket", is "shit on a stick".  Now the wife and I have "shit on a spring" to muddle over. 

    Those from a particular persuasion will rile against "class war" - without ever suggesting the world is flat in case they come away sounding greedy or superior or blind.  They generally sit on the right-handed side.  But we left-handed have our pride too.  

    Rarely straight forward when it comes to "thou shalt not kill."  More complex still, when it comes to "the hungry shalt go hungry until they learn how to fish."  But, whatever its shade, to see "shit on a spring" at the wholesale show was depressing.    

    And in the middle somewhere is "who am I to judge?"  Here, I am too old to ponder the dilemma - "judge not lest you be judged."  Nor have I much sympathy for the word "shalt."  Especially when found in conjunction with the word "thou." 

    Odd how difficult it is to be polite to the wealthy when they stop spending money.

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