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June 10th 2009

    Hundreds of miles traveled and not once did I see a hitchhiker.  It is summer time too. 

    Those days, I know are long gone.  Spoiled by fear and distrust of strangers.  A location in Kapital that puts us at odds with each other, because that way we are more efficient.  It has not always been like this.

    It changed for me sometime I suppose in the 1970's.  A vehicle pretended to stop.  When I reached it, they pulled away.   Young rich folk in a car that probably was not theirs.  And already by this time I had made those commitments to always stop if ever I, one day, was in a position to.  


    Three days at an intersection, does that to the mind.  Creates a promise, an 'if only'.  Then when we are strong and powerful we understand the necessity  of lessons learned and all those little things we think we know, which we in our turn decide to place as a burden upon others.  Either that or we keep them secret, so that others might not benefit from knowledge. 

    Oh, you can read the coloring book, but knowledge you have to pay for.  If it were not this way the world of people would be different.

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Tim Candler