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June 4th 2009

    "To think" and "to be" are products of rationalism.  Better to think of it as "The I that is me," and this as an adjunct to "The I that is we."

    When the alarm is called in a crowded room the first to the door might later feel guilty if by some unfortunate circumstance someone gets trampled to death.  When, in the course of a conversation, I raise "time as quality" I usually find that quickly I am alone.  Fortunately no one has yet been trampled to death. 

    "The I that is me" does not contain a "therefore".  "The I that is we" does.



    Rationalist thinking begins with a "therefore".  It is "functioning".  It quite properly recognizes its limitations, but it insists that the alternative is a chaos or a disorderliness out of which a sensible "therefore" cannot be assumed.

    Very possibly thought begins in the stomach, or the spleen, or the brain.  More likely thought travels at the speed of light.  And a  "therefore" would be a glow worm pottering around a mind.

    Here, because the room is now empty, it doesn't mean I am wrong.  Rather it means "The I that is me" has no benefit of "therefore".

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