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June 7th 2009

    Such is the conundrum within the metaphysics of family that some see in it a value central to the disciplining of a properly functioning society.  It is they say the central unit within the wider community.  They know with precision how it should look, because they know with precision how society should look.  And of course those who think this way live in ivory towers with a good view of the river surrounded by a barbed wire fence, a watch tower and fierce dogs.

   The traditional family is inherently unfair.  It's traditional status emerges from a dominance by male, the subjugation of female, and the serfdom of children.  An echo of the Roman and medieval world which is re-echoed in the corridors of current religious thought, I think.  Certainly it is not the chant of free people.



    The family more accurately is a breeding stop during which males and females first copulate, then bond and then, if they become friends, stay a while to pursue purpose.  A blessed union in the days when death was achieved at around the age of forty.  A more problematic union when males and females linger on into their eighties, or nineties.  And either way always a political matter because families consist of people. 

    This might sound sacrilegious, but I think it does so only because I am referencing people.  Were I to say this of the Ivory Toothed River Baboon, my statements might be better received. 

    For those of us who claim to have no idea how a society should look, we cannot then claim to know how a family should look.  Here "The I that is me" is mostly dominated by "The I that is we".

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