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March 14th 2009

    There will be those who insist on an idea of "Free Will."  Among them you will find Presidents of the United States, Justices of the Supreme Court, and most school children West of what was once the Iron Curtain. 

    The "will" figures too in that relationship with an ethereal entity that leaves the body upon death.  The "soul" or the "spirit".  

    In discourse with the trees I sometimes attempt to explain myself.  "I am me!" I will say, "I belong to the thing that is I.  Who are you?"  Fortunately trees have yet to respond, otherwise I would by now be sleeping in ermine being fed through a tube.



    Then there are those who are politely addressed as 'people of faith'.  Amongst them, "the I that is me" becomes so critical that life itself is devoted to a future place.  A place that will have them sleeping in ermine fed through a tube.       

    For my part, the Ox is a more suitable analogy.  He lives his life, usefully or otherwise, dies or is slaughtered, and then is eaten.  

    Guess this makes me something like a vampire.

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