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March 19th 2009

   I have never been certain why Nietzsche chose Zoroaster as his superman.  I find myself picturing him anxious to minimally offend.  A nicety, and as well a revelation because even the single God has had many profits.  A difficult insight for the devoted.

    In the end his understanding included an extinction of that difference between right and wrong.  His word for this condition 'nihilism'.  Then, with God dead, to fill the void apparently requires something absolute.  Democracy, capitalism, socialism, fascism, nation state, patriotism.  Adjectives pursued with a fervor, otherwise there would be no absolute. 





    His question was this: "How well disposed would a person have to become to himself and to life, to crave nothing more fervently than the infinite repetition, without alteration, of each and every moment?"

    Like all good questions, his had no answer.  And I still say he died of a broken heart.

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