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March 24th 2009

    Sometimes a plant becomes personal.  The chrysanthemum weed springs immediately into the imagination.  

    In some English gardens there is Ground Elder, which at least has a refreshing taste, and which I always used to think was good for hangover.  There are grasses too that become dictatorial in their habits.  And here in Kentucky there is a prince of the English southern aspect, called Honeysuckle, that has been certified a menace.

    As well there is a plant from East Asia which has a fruit high in pectin.  Its flower has a color that ranks beautiful in my mind.  And this year we have seen it bloom.


    How quickly a plant falls from favor.  When some see quince they think of jam making.  When others see quince they can be heard to dismiss its bloom as short lived, and it's ornamental worth too ragged.  

    Then there is Viper's Bugloss.  A name to summon courage and a plant to lie next to on a slow summer hillside.   

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