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March 25th 2009

    Goldfinch begin to blossom.  By May the boys will look more glamorous than the girls, and when that happens we will hardly see them again until the late summer.  

    I slept once in a small wood in the Ardennes.  It was set back from the road in farmland.  When I woke I was surrounded by tiny little mice that had not the slightest intention of noticing me.  I could see their ears and their eyes.  When I moved they became curious.  Then when I stood up they were gone.  And it was as though I had dreamt them.  

    I could hear the road, busy with the morning.  I guessed that soon enough I could look for a ride.  I remained still, hoping to see the mice again but instead I watched the morning and a male Goldfinch chasing a female.


    The European Goldfinch male has the red face.  He appears stockier than the American relative and when his face is very red he can become a tyrant.  Bossing everyone around.  Which is not the case with the boys here in Kentucky.  The more colorful they become the more serene they seem to be.

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