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March 5th 2009

    An anniversary is soon. Sometime in March of 1954 a man was buried in Nairobi Kenya.  It was a military funeral, where "honour for the dead and the majesty of death itself, are mingled in solemn simplicity." 

    According to the English he was wounded.  His comrades remained with him until a second burst of gunfire killed him.  His comrades then retreated in good order taking their weapons with them.  Later the Home Guard engaged in a killing frenzy during which seventy people died. 

    Some say he was buried without his head.  But the English tend to keep such things under batons. 

    The pictures on this page reflect the name he adopted while an insurgent in Northern Italy during the Second World War.  He called himself Giovanni Puccini.  His leader was a Frenchman called Raoul.  His good friend was a Ukrainian called Marco.

    Even though he was gone when I was something like two years old, I have always missed him.

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