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May 10th 2009

    Removed from the compound early this morning, to amble in the woods and watch a waterfall.   Odd how little boys can destroy a mood.  And what parent permits that sort of behavior when Sunday morning has perfectly adequate Television.  Unless of course they were homeless or too impoverished to own a television, a circumstance I sensed did not apply to these yellow clad urchins.

   Clearly these are the words of an individual with what the polite might call 'issues'.  And possibly when these little people gain maturity they will recall the fresh air and sunshine of a Sunday morning and make those decisions necessary for such things to continue.


   I think, in the end, little boys just frighten me because I have been one myself.  I know the awful nature of little boy-ness.  And here I must add that little girls can charm me, which in some circles might be considered sinister.   

    Conceivably sometime in the very distant future men will emerge from eggs at the age of thirty five.  When this happens I suggest our world will be a better place.

    I understand that my attitude toward little boys belongs in the Library of some Edwardian Eden.  I understand it demonstrates a completely irrational aspect of character.  So all the more refreshing to find I am not alone.

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(Bernard Shaw) (Bernard Shaw)