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May 12th 2009

    Hoppy bugs.  Colorado Beetle.  And the soil has a mustiness.  If it were a vehicle the garden would need an oil change.  But the sun is out and weeding will help.  And all that rain will puddle into the gulf of Mexico where salt fish will swim in it.

    Pythagoras I hope believed in numbers.  Took them as an opportunity to see accurately.  I often suspect his followers believed in the magic of numbers.  Turning numbers away from practical things toward that part of the mind that looks constantly for answers to the 'question why?'



    A mind can be interested in pure things, but such minds are seconded by what some thinkers have described as a 'will to power'.  Accurate or not for generations this area of X has also been described very potently by the religious in terms of a fall.  Pure things in and of themselves might well exist.  The human imagination dreams of them.  But mostly when people gather pure things are impossible, because there is always the question what to do with pure things. 

    If one was interested, one could say that within the context of a slope in a random place pure things are without value.  But within the context of mathematics impure things are without value.

    Better to do the crossword puzzle, or find fulfillment from quadratic equations, than to become wistful for the perfect one by wondering what numbers mean.  

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