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May 16th 2009

    The English thinker Gilbert Ryle might have enjoyed reading Nietzsche.  I can imagine his face twisting into a hollow smile, as his mind flirted with the idea that Europeans were hopelessly romantic.  

    He might too have wondered what it was in the English Channel that separated his island so completely from the European world.  His answer might have referenced the effects of different language groups on internal phenomenological trends.  He might have considered creating a language through which to channel those internal trends toward a more perfect future place.   



    Then sometime in the 1960's he would have still been alive to see rock and roll.  And he might have begun to think of rock and roll as a foreign language.  He might have wondered whether it might actually be possible to develop a language that could be leveled upon society providing first there was sufficient enthusiasm for it.  

    If he did arrive at this conclusion, and here I think it most unlikely, I suggest he would be thinking more like Heidegger, the European, than Wittgenstein, the anglophile.  

    Fortunately he died before the Queen of England knighted a Beatle.  

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