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May 21st 2009


    In the old song there is a familiar refrain.  It is either happy or sad, depending upon the memory of it.  And how often memory ill serves the present.

    If it were 'Love', an orderly mind would require a definition that had more to it than 'beyond understanding'.  This way an orderly mind might consider emotion as belonging to something material.  A chemical production of the body, perhaps consequent to observation, perception and that part of personality that often seems to need.  An interaction generated through the thousands and thousands of years of evolution that results in this creature I am.

    Something has to be said or done.  But what?  There is always the "Hallmark" moment.  A call to precedent.  A neutral tone that leads the wary over the razor wire.  And afterwards the right or wrong of it, the wishing part, can be debated.


    While memory often ill serves the present, it is all we have with which to consider tomorrow.  Otherwise everything would be new and fresh and incomprehensible.  The value of culture is it tells you what to do if it so happens that within you there is no past.  One wears the suit, not knowing why.  One bows to the Queen, not knowing why.  One takes the smallest strawberry, not knowing why.  Yet it has all been done before.

    These things belong to mourning, and in the old song there is a familiar refrain that should be beautiful in its sadness, but often is not.

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