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May 23rd 2009

    There is a point when the question becomes "What is it I cannot see?"  Analysis of this question usually veers toward the word curiosity, or discovery, or learning, or a teacher's rod.  Or any one of those many things that have poured into the thing that is me.  But I don't mean the question in that sense.  

    I imagine a mocking bird, still on a clear night, looking up at the stars.  I imagine a chimpanzee staring at a person through the bars of his cage. I imagine a grasshopper making his decision to fly. I imagine such things and then I ask, "What is it I cannot see?" Generally the answer is daunting in its magnitude.


    Then, sometimes there is a wraith that flits bat-like through those caverns that lead to mind. It hovers on the edge of perception.  A pink elephant in some circles.  An angel in others.  Mostly though it is an idea without words, a pure thing.  And sometimes an angry thing.


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(Jason Taylor)  (Elephants)