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May 26th 2009

    In one analysis, a 'loser' is understood as that individual who fails at life.  Here life is a normative value described by this or that culture.  Fundamentally though, in this understanding, the 'loser' is one who fails to belong.

    Granted within the context of "life as school yard" the 'loser' is someone to be avoided.  His insights tend toward a reduction of that commitment to the status quo so central to orderliness.  He is pushed to the frontiers of belonging, where his loneliness can be held up as an example of failure.    


    Important though it is to isolate the 'loser', and thereby demonstrate commitment to righteousness, the sad truth is that only from an isolated individual can 'being' be understood.

    That forty days in the wilderness produces only a weak compromise.  A lifetime spent there begins to touch truth.  So be nice to a 'loser' he is wiser than you.

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