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May 7th 2009

    The expression "Pompous Ass" has a certain majesty to it.  Contrary to most definitions, I picture the individual proud in his or her understandings, bold in support of his or her opinion, but infuriating only because he or she is sometimes correct.

    This correctness achieves the status of 'Ass' when unsupported by empathy.  I will watch the expression and I will know quite quickly who I am in company with.  The "Pompous Ass" has no smile, but buried in the lines of his or her face I can read the words, "You are a fool".  Making it almost impossible for me to accept that I might be wrong. 



    Quite possibly "Pompous Ass" is an inherited trait.  One is born to the position.  Perhaps even one aspires to it.  Follows the caravan to conferences, becomes a groupie and so on.  Nor am I ever quite certain whether I am in their number.

    "Pompous Little Shit", on the other hand is a preamble to some sort of physical confrontation.  Suggests a situation of emotion and instability likely to escalate.  

    Fond as I am of the former expression, I find that, of the two expressions, I use the latter more often.  When muttered with sufficient bitterness of tone it is actually very comforting and is considerably cheaper than a bottle of whisky.

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