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November 21st 2009

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    Amongst an increasing majority this place I live belongs to 'a warmer climate'.  Next week Asparagus crowns arrive through the parcel post.  I was expecting them in Spring, because I appear to remain convinced that we live in 'a colder climate'. 

    This further confirmation of 'a warmer climate' means at least that I don't live in a frigid place where there must already be snow and ice and soil that is frozen.  Iowa or Ohio or Minnesota or North Dakota.  And who would have guessed that it was somewhere along the coast of New Jersey that this colder/warmer determination has yet again been reiterated.

   Of course I am flattered by 'a warmer climate', and fortunately the Asparagus bed here in Kentucky is mostly prepared.



    But it would be wrong of me to say that I am cured, because even now there is a part of me enjoying the bonhomie of a packing shed beside the Asparagus fields in New Jersey.  I can hear the opinion.  I can see cold hands on a Saturday morning tying up bundles of ten, sniggering as they do so.  I can see the printed shipping label.  And this image is still easier for me than a cheerful euphemism 'a warmer climate' as descriptive of here where I live.     

    I am perhaps too stubborn to apologize, because for long years now I have accepted my role as happy moron in the hierarchy of characters who will cling to the faith that 'a warmer climate' means Frangipani or Banana.

   And yes I am excited.

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tim candler

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