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November 30th 2009

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    I picture it Maxfield Parrish Blue.  It'll have an engine that one person can start.  There will be no pumping up of tires.  No constant cleaning of spark plugs.  No injections of ether on the cooler mornings.  No looking at it from the corner of a suspicious eye.  Instead it'll be gliding and perfect.

    In the mysterious regions of 'creative is' this is mostly a boy thing.  All very well for those of my sex to discriminate, but cultural expectations place the maintaining of metal creatures firmly in the boy court.


    I do not eye the mechanic and see shades of womanhood.  I do not empty the sludge from an oil pan and consider myself nurturing.  And while a global positioning system might be sissy stuff, an engine manual with parts list is more useful than a street map.

   The seat however will have to be black.

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tim candler

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