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November 31st 2009

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    The old me circles up there like a vulture, or an eagle, or perhaps a moth, or a Parakeet.  In moments of indecision he'll swoop down to dominate a circumstance.  Which is why a Fall planting of ten Asparagus Crowns consists of two rows of five.

    The problem was a confusion so infinitely classic.  For the business mind plants are like socks and should be treated as such.  Streamline production, reduce costs and put the fear of god into those who work for you by telling them they are members of a family upon whose side right is.  And all this so the few can eat meat everyday, take their holidays in fashionable hotels, and when they get old provide for the medical profession.



    I had assumed my tiny bundle of Asparagus Crowns would be shipped to a shipping address.  Daily I plodded down the lane to open the mail box.  Everyday just a little more convinced.  But in the infinity this was not to be.  The Asparagus Crowns had been sent to the Post Office in town where we have our mailing address.  A place I visit irregularly. 

    And yes they are planted too close together.  And yes they were very shriveled when they arrived.  And yes the new me does think they succumbed to desiccation somewhere between here and the packing shed.  But into wet ground they went just before the cold weather.

    And the old me is like an Owl up there.  He appears quite confident.

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tim candler

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(Wild Asparagus)